Harman Fortress

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The Saxon village is situated in a large and beautiful valley, with a 15th century peasant citadel at its center. Inside the fortified outer walls, wooden staircases lead to the rows of meal-rooms (Gaden) where each family stored a loaf from every baking and other essential supplies for use in times of siege.

The Church, built in the Romanesque style by Cysterican monks in the 13th century, was featured in the Gothic style after the fire in 1593.

It has a bulky tower with thick walls, about 50 m high, alongside four smaller towers in the corners which stand for the right of the Harman village.

Fortification surrounding the church was built in the fifteenth century.

Exterior wall, shorter, with a height of just 4.5 meters was designed to protect the enclosure. At the same time limit established moat surrounding the city.

In the early seventeenth century building was erected with the low entry corridor, similar to the Prejmer.

The chapel contains some delightful frescoes in the Gothic style and a pieta from the mid 14th century.

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