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Cisnadioara is known for organizing cultural events (performances, concerts, exhibitions) but also for its tourist attractions (natural beauty, monuments of great historical significance). In Cisnădioara is a Romanesque basilica built in the second half of the 12th century and has not suffered too many subsequent alterations.

The church is made up of three naves and surrounded by a precinct wall unfolding along the Mihail Hill plateau (which gives the settlement its German name - Michelsberg - Michael’s Hill).  

It was reinforced with three towers: the southern Gate Tower, the tower in front of the west portal and the eastern tower, 5 m outside the precinct wall. The walls were about 4-6 m high; a particular feature was represented by the 8 door-like openings under the guard route. They were equipped with oak doors and could be blocked from the inside; from here they would throw rocks at those attempting to attack the fortress. Part of these rocks can still be seen inside the fortress. 

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