Gastronomical walking tour in Sibiu

€ 55,00 / person

Our walking food tour takes you during the 4 hours from the Upper to Lower Old City where you’ll get to taste what makes Sibiu's cuisine so diverse and unique within Transylvania.

The cuisine of southern Transylvania is a mosaic that reflects the multicultural gastronomic and cultural influences of the populations and various trends in society. In our region, we have 11 different cultural influences: on the one hand of those who lived here (Romanians, Saxons, Hungarians, Armenians, Hebrews and Roma), on the other hand influences of surrounding, regional or historical powers and authorities (Austrian, Turkish, Russian, French and Greek).

Taste some typical cheese from the Marginime area in the Southern Carpathians and our delicious sheep pastrami!

Find out how nature and the territory influences the local cuisine, we will talk about the characteristics of the cultural and gastronomical mosaic in one of the oldest libraries in Sibiu!

Try some wild fruits gathered from the alpine meadows and forests in the Cindrel Mountains!

Sample the first Transylvanian wine brought by the Cistercian monks in the 12th century!

Get an introduction in our various sweet and sour soups, the everyday meal of the locals!

Experience a 200 years old Shepard recipe, reinterpreted by a small family owned restaurant – a good example of the New Transylvanian Cuisine developed during the last three years!

Visit some of the hidden corners of historical Sibiu!

Try some of the most representative local products, recipes and drinks such as Bazna pork bacon, fruit cakes, red currant wine and wild pear brandy.

We recommend you to bring a bottle of water as we walk for a while. Our tour will be outside for most of the time.

• Children & Adolescents (7 – 17 years): EUR 23
• Children (4 to 6 years): FREE

• Transportation to and from the food tour is not included.




Service name Description Included Price
English speaking specialized guide Yes -
Food and drink tastings (6 products/dishes and 3 drinks) Yes -
Sibiu Map Yes -
Romania map Yes -
Sibiu City Menu brochure Yes -
Five old recipes from the area Yes -

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