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Cluj-Napoca, a city in northwestern Romania, is the unofficial capital of the Transylvania region. It's home to universities, vibrant nightlife,  landmarks dating to Saxon and Hungarian rule and traces its origins back to the Dacian settlement of Napuca in the 2-nd century A.D.

The main square is dominated by the 15th century St. Michael's Church, one of the finest examples of gothic architecture in Romania. The square also claims the 18-th century baroque Banffy Palace, housing the weaponry and Romanian art collections of the Art Museum.

Cluj was the chief cultural and religious centre of Transylvania, in the 1820s and the first half of the 1830s, Kolozsvár was the most important centre for Hungarian theatre and opera. After its incorporation into the Kingdom of Romania at the end of World War I Cluj saw a resurgence of its Romanian culture and the completion of the monumental Orthodox cathedral in 1933 across from the (newly nationalised) Romanian National Theatre.


With one of the most vibrant economies in the country and a population of around 330,000, Cluj, is today a vibrant cultural and educational city. The six state and several private universities located here also make Cluj Napoca the city with the largest percentage of student population in Romania.

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